How to Create a Property Listing That Attracts Great Tenants

Did you know that good writing skills are helpful when you're a landlord? 

You don't have to write novels or manifestos. However, you do have to create effective property listings to attract quality tenants.

Your rental property listing is your opportunity to tell the story of our property. Your listing should grab a potential applicant's attention and cause them to want to learn more about your property.

Rental listings are part of the job when you manage your properties on your own. If you're not a prolific writer, that's okay! Here's how to write an effective property listing for your Concord area rental property. 

Your Property Listing Needs Scroll-Stopping Photos

Your listing photos can improve—or ruin—the listing for your rental property

How often does an outstanding photo make you stop scrolling on your phone or laptop? It's eye-catching. You stop to look closer and read about the photo. 

This same idea applies to your property listing photos. You want to stop the scroll of renters looking for their next home. Your photos should create interest and encourage your next great tenant to learn more about your property. 

Poor-quality photos can quickly turn people off. Today we'll look at our best tips for taking better listing photos for your Concord area rental property. 

How to Set the Right Rental Price for Maximum Return

Are you sure your rental property has the right rental price? Sometimes it can feel like a guessing game when it comes to deciding what you should charge for monthly rent. 

We're here with some good news: you don't have to guess about the right rental rate for your property! 

Setting the rent is not a guessing game or trial-and-error situation. With the right information and a plan, you can set the ideal rental rate for your property from the start! 

With the correct monthly rent, you'll attract (and keep) better quality tenants. Plus, you'll make the money you should make on your property. The wrong rent price can be an expensive mistake. 

Here's what landlords need to know about setting the rental rate for your Concord area rental property. 

Avoid Bad Tenants with a Good Screening Process

Your tenants are some of your most important assets. Without good tenants, your rental properties sit empty. When your Concord area properties are vacant, you lose money. 

However, there is a difference between a good tenant and a bad tenant. A good tenant pays the rent on time, takes good care of your property, and renews their lease because they enjoy living in your property. 

A bad tenant misses rent payments, let's your property fall into disrepair, and hops from rental to rental—sometimes without notice. 

As a general rule, it's better for your property to sit empty than to put a bad tenant in your home. However, with the right screening process, there's no need to suffer through vacancies. 

Let's look at how to properly screen tenants to consistently find the best tenants for your rental properties. 

Landlord Tips: What You Need to Know About Pets

Are you on the fence about allowing pets in your Concord rental properties? It can be a tough decision, depending on your personal preference as a landlord. 

Pets can cause damage to properties and create a noise a problem for other tenants or nearby neighbors. On the other hand, when you allow pets into your properties, you widen your pool of available tenants. You might find that the perfect tenant has an adorable, faithful dog—or cat.

Accepting pets has its benefits for landlords, but it's also not without some challenges. Let's look at the pros and cons of allowing pets in your rental properties.