How to Create a Property Listing That Attracts Great Tenants

Did you know that good writing skills are helpful when you're a landlord? 

You don't have to write novels or manifestos. However, you do have to create effective property listings to attract quality tenants.

Your rental property listing is your opportunity to tell the story of our property. Your listing should grab a potential applicant's attention and cause them to want to learn more about your property.

Rental listings are part of the job when you manage your properties on your own. If you're not a prolific writer, that's okay! Here's how to write an effective property listing for your Concord area rental property. 

Start with the Basics

You don't have to form sentences to get started! Make a list of your property's features. 

Your property listing needs to include as much information as possible about your home. 

  • Square footage
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Garage or street parking (or both)
  • Pets Allowed or No Pets Allowed
  • Rental Price
  • Security Deposit Amount (and any additional fees)
  • A Fenced yard or No Fence
  • Utilities Included or Not Included 

You'll also want to include relevant information about the area. Tenants are not only looking for their next house—they're interested in the neighborhood and the community. 

Is the property close to restaurants, airports, or parks? Does your city offer a recycling program? Highlight that information in your listing. 

After you've made a thorough list of everything, you're ready to start writing!

Be Accurate and Excited—But Don't Overdo It

If you're not excited about your rental property, you can't expect to attract tenants who are excited to live in your home. 

Make sure your listing sounds like you love the property and want to share it with others. If it's not your favorite property or you're a reluctant landlord, don't let that come through in your description. 

Be descriptive—but don't overdo it with embellishments. When a potential tenant arrives for the in-person showing, they'll expect to see the same home in-person that they read about online.

Accuracy is critical! Don't say anything in your listing that makes a feature sound better than it is to get people in the door. 

Your time is valuable. A potential tenant's time is valuable, too. An accurate, well-written listing can help a potential tenant recognize that your Concord area property is their perfect new home. 

A good listing can also help someone know not to spend the time at a showing if it's not the right property for their new home. 

Use High-Quality Photos

You might have the latest smartphone with the best camera ever included on a phone. We're sorry to tell you, but those photos are not good enough for your listing photos. 

Use a DSLR camera. These days, most good-quality cameras are inexpensive. Invest in a camera and use it for all listing photos. 

Photographer with a camera on a tripod

  • Make sure you capture the best angles of your property—inside and out. 
  • Create a short list to make sure you get a picture of every important feature of your property. 
  • Use natural lighting.
  • Clear clutter from each room before taking photos. 
  • Avoid common listing photo mistakes

If taking photos isn't one of your best skills, hire a professional real estate photographer. Your listing photos need to stop a potential tenant from scrolling to the next property. 

You don't want to post poor-quality photos with your listing. A professional photographer will have the best equipment and know the right angles to capture your property in its best light. 

It's worth the investment to help you find a quality tenant more quickly. 

Proofread, Then Post

Don't undo good work pulling together a fantastic property listing by leaving it full of typos or bad grammar. Take a few minutes and proofread your listing before you post it to rental property websites. 

  • Double check the accuracy of your descriptions.
  • Proofread everything.
  • Make sure photos are right-side up.
  • Ask a friend to read your text. Sometimes an extra set of eyes can help you find errors or clarify details. 

Your attention to the details in your listing will be worth your time. Making sure your listing is error-free shows tenants that you care about the quality of your services. 

Professionals Can Help Create a Listing That Attracts

Your listing doesn't have to be a perfect masterpiece. However, the clearer your listing, the more likely you'll attract multiple good quality tenants when you're ready to choose your next renter. 

White signpost with "new listing" sign.

If you're overwhelmed by the thought of photos and describing your property, let a property management company help! Professional property managers are well-versed in the art of creating a listing that attracts quality tenants for your Concord area home. 

All County Property Management knows how to make your property stand out through an effective listing. We know what to say to make your property shine. We also provide professional photos for all listings. 

Contact us today for a free quote! We're ready to help you find the best tenants for your property.

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