Appealing to the "New Kids on the Block" with Your Investment Rental

Everyone is familiar with millennials by now—what comes next?

It's Generation Z, and they're ready to hit the rental market. 

Understanding the rental and lifestyle habits of different generations supports your hunt for the ideal rental market—plus, understanding what different generations look for in a rental property enables you to provide what they want. When your rental property appeals to more types of people, you have effectively increased your ability to find that perfect tenant

Who is Generation Z? Let's find out who they are and what they want from your Clayton rental property. 

5 Key Questions to Ask About Property Management Companies in Clayton

As a landlord, you know that the right property management company can not only save you time and stress but keep money in your pocket—where it belongs!

Not all property managers work with the same commitment to excellence and care for your property. It's critical to vet a property management company before trusting them with your rental home. Here are the top questions to ask when choosing the property management company in Clayton that's right for you!

Renting or Selling: What's Right for Your Concord Home?

When it's time to move, many people decide to sell their home—but is that the best option? 

If you've never thought about it before, renting your home is a worthy idea. Unless you can make an immediate profit on the sale of your home, it could be worth it to turn your home into a rental property: that way, you'll make long-term income on your home. There's no "right or wrong" decision when it comes to deciding to sell your home versus renting it; choose what works best for you with the following information about both options.  

Is a Concord Property Manager Worth the Expense?

When you have a rental property, you want to make as much money as you can with the right amount of effort. Doing so involves a combination of setting the right rental price and being conservative with your expenses. When you find the right balance of income versus costs, you have a profitable rental property

Adding a property manager to take care of your property might seem like an unbalanced expense—like hiring a contractor for a repair. However, when you partner with the right property manager, you'll find that hiring an expert is a smart investment. Here are just a few things a property management company can do to make sure you get the most out of your investment property.

Don't Evict a Tenant in Concord, CA Without Reading This!

When you're a landlord, you hope never to evict a tenant. Even with thorough rental guidelines, every landlord has to be prepared in the event you need to remove your renters. Today we'll talk about how—and when—to evict a tenant.

5 Investment-Worthy Upgrades to Your Concord, CA Rental Property

Are you thinking of beautifying your Concord area rental property? Before you hire a contractor or start the work yourself, make sure the upgrades make sense!

Your rental property is an investment: adding enhancements that aren't necessary can cause you to lose money on the home. Updates should help you get the most out of your investment.

When thinking of upgrades, think about what renters want in a home. To help, we've put together a few recommendations for rental property updates that won't break the bank.

Your Year-Round Guide to Seasonal Property Maintenance

As enjoyable as it would be to find the perfect tenants, let them move into your property, then sit back and collect rent checks, there's much more to being a landlord than that. 

Just like your own home needs routine maintenance, so does your rental property. As you approach each new season, it's critical to follow your list of seasonal maintenance tasks to prepare your rental property for incoming weather.

If you're not sure what maintenance your Concord area property needs throughout the year, we're here to help! Whether you do it yourself or work with a property manager, check out this guide to seasonal property maintenance. 

4 Key Tips Every Successful Landlord Needs to Know

What if there were tips or tricks to help make your job as a landlord easier?

Being a landlord is a lot of work, but it's a rewarding job: When you have a desirable property in a good rental market, you attract excellent tenants. When those tenants take good care of your property and pay the rent on time, the hassles of being a landlord pale in comparison to the profit you see as the return on your investment. 

How do you find such tenants? How do you make sure they pay the rent on time? Here's where a few tips and tricks come in handy when managing your Concord rental property. 

Your Get-Started Guide to Navigating Property Inspections

Property inspections are the best way to understand the condition of your rental property. Such walk-throughs are one of the crucial tasks you do as a landlord.

Do you know the kinds of inspections you should perform on your properties? How often should you inspect? 

Inspections help you keep up with property maintenance. They also help you document the condition of a property when a tenant moves in, and when they move out. 

If you're new to being a landlord, or if regular inspections haven't been a part of your landlord routine, we're here with a quick guide to help you get started!

How to Create a Property Listing That Attracts Great Tenants

Did you know that good writing skills are helpful when you're a landlord? 

You don't have to write novels or manifestos. However, you do have to create effective property listings to attract quality tenants.

Your rental property listing is your opportunity to tell the story of our property. Your listing should grab a potential applicant's attention and cause them to want to learn more about your property.

Rental listings are part of the job when you manage your properties on your own. If you're not a prolific writer, that's okay! Here's how to write an effective property listing for your Concord area rental property.