Appealing to the "New Kids on the Block" with Your Investment Rental

Everyone is familiar with millennials by now—what comes next?

It's Generation Z, and they're ready to hit the rental market. 

Understanding the rental and lifestyle habits of different generations supports your hunt for the ideal rental market—plus, understanding what different generations look for in a rental property enables you to provide what they want. When your rental property appeals to more types of people, you have effectively increased your ability to find that perfect tenant

Who is Generation Z? Let's find out who they are and what they want from your Clayton rental property. 

How to Create a Property Listing That Attracts Great Tenants

Did you know that good writing skills are helpful when you're a landlord? 

You don't have to write novels or manifestos. However, you do have to create effective property listings to attract quality tenants.

Your rental property listing is your opportunity to tell the story of our property. Your listing should grab a potential applicant's attention and cause them to want to learn more about your property.

Rental listings are part of the job when you manage your properties on your own. If you're not a prolific writer, that's okay! Here's how to write an effective property listing for your Concord area rental property.