Your Property Listing Needs Scroll-Stopping Photos

Your listing photos can improve—or ruin—the listing for your rental property

How often does an outstanding photo make you stop scrolling on your phone or laptop? It's eye-catching. You stop to look closer and read about the photo. 

This same idea applies to your property listing photos. You want to stop the scroll of renters looking for their next home. Your photos should create interest and encourage your next great tenant to learn more about your property. 

Poor-quality photos can quickly turn people off. Today we'll look at our best tips for taking better listing photos for your Concord area rental property. 

It's All About the Angles

You know it when you see a bad photo of yourself. Taking a picture from the wrong angle can change the way you look in a photo. 

However, changing to a better angle helps put your best face forward—without altering who you are. 

This same idea applies to your rental property. While your photos need to be an honest and accurate representation of your property, choosing the right angles helps enhance how potential tenants see your home online.

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Study each room and the exterior of your property. Make a note about the best spot for your camera before you take any photos. 

  • Place the camera in the doorway or to one side of the room to emphasize a room's best features. This helps capture the full impression of the room. Taking photos from the middle of the room can make it feel cramped.

  • For interior shots, keep your camera height at about eye-level. Shooting at an upward or downward angle can make a room look too large or too small.
  • For exterior shots, get a little higher. Use a step ladder (safely) to gain some height when taking photos of lawn, decks, or patio areas.  

Be sure your angles don't hide or exaggerate anything. The right angle accurately captures the best features of your property. 

Think Simple

You don't need to stage an elaborate photo shoot to create eye-catching photos for your listing. 

Simple is often better when staging your rental home

  • Remove clutter from the home. 
  • Furnish it with simple pieces to give each room some depth. 
  • Find natural light.
  • Avoid complicated set-ups.

You don't need expensive lights to make your photos look better. Natural light works best to capture colors in each room accurately. 

However, using natural light takes a little planning. Choose the time of day with the best natural lighting. Work with the position of the sun around the house as you shoot exterior photos.

Give online lookers just enough visually so they can appreciate the potential of each room and the outdoor space. Leave room for their imagination to create a picture of making your rental property into their new home.

Don't Use Your Phone

Your cellphone can help you do a lot to run your rental property business. Even if your phone takes fantastic photos, those photos aren't high-quality enough to use for your listing photos. 

You don't have to spend a lot of money on your equipment. However, it's a good idea to invest in some professional equipment if you take your own listing photos. 

  • Get a good point-and-shoot DSLR camera for interior and exterior photos. These cameras are widely available and inexpensive. 
  • Add a wide-angle lens for your interior shots. 
  • You'll also want a tripod and remote to take your photos. 

A tripod helps you set up the perfect shot while keeping yourself out of the photo. Capturing yourself in a mirror or window reflection is one of the biggest property photos listing mistakes you can make.  

If adding photography equipment to your business assets isn't where you want to spend your money, there are other options for taking the best high-quality photos for your listing. 

Do Use a Professional Photographer

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Listing photos are not the place to try and save a buck. If you're not looking for a side job as a DIY property photographer, use a professional. 

Find a photographer who understands real estate photography. Meet with them and create a shot-sheet to capture your property's best features. 

They'll use the right lighting and all of the right angles to capture your home in a way that attracts quality tenants. 

The Quality of Your Photos Attracts the Quality of Your Renters

If you have a listing that isn't attracting quality renters—or any renters at all—consider updating the photos. 

Being a successful landlord requires a variety of skills. However, don't force yourself into taking property photos if it's not what you do best. 

Partnering with a Concord area property management company like All County Property Management takes the task—and the stress—of listing photos off of your plate. Focus on the things you do best and let us handle professional photos for your property listing. 

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