Easy-to-Understand Pricing

There are no hidden fees and no hidden practices when it comes to managing your property. We provide excellent service without making it difficult to know what we’re doing or what you’re paying for with our partnership. Depending on your needs and the services we provide for you, our fees include:

Leasing Fees

We apply a leasing fee after we place a new tenant in your vacant rental unit. This fee covers the services we execute to find that quality tenant and get them settled in their new home:


Inspecting Your Property

Screening Tenants

Placing Tenant

Executing the Lease

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We apply a monthly management fee each month after we collect the rent. Some of the rent collection services covered under this fee include:

Collecting Rent


Managing Tenants

Reporting & Communication


Accounting and Reporting

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When a tenant renews their lease, you’ll receive a renewal fee. This fee covers tasks like:

Negotiating Rent Increase

Negotiating Lease Renewal

Executing Lease Renewal

Inspecting the Property

Providing Updated Market Research

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